Flight Risk - Coerced Public Toilet JOI

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Aug 2017

You're a man on the go, and there's no room in your travel plans for flight delays or worse...overbookings. For awhile there, you thought you had her charmed. Honestly thought you'd convinced that hot, leggy stewardess into letting you muscle your way onto her plane, even though she'd tried to explain that they were overbooked. Little did you know, you'd fooled with the wrong woman. Or maybe...the right one.
Your stewardess has a trick up her sleeve. A little Tool of Torment called mesmerization, and she'll use it to carry out her orders to keep you off the plane at any cost.
She'd started out with apologies for the inconvenience, but that's the last thing you remember. One moment, you were gaping at her ass and legs in that uber-tight pencil skirt. And the next, you were trapped in an airport bathroom stall. Eyes glazed, mouth agape, hand furiously pumping on cock.
You're too mind-fucked to even realize she's programmed you. She's wired that feeble, hypn0-drunk brain not to let you cum until the second you hear your plane leaving the ground...without you in it.

Employee Fantasy, Mesmerize
#Audio Effects, #Audio Only, #Coerced Male Orgasm, #Mesmerize, #Mind Fuck

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Published Aug 1, 2017

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