For True Submissives Only

by Goddess Athalia
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Length: 24:19

Would you respond to a cattle call? Honestly. If I issued a call for the most obedient, compliant, deliciously subservient male sluts...would you cum?
But silly you. Because that's not the real question, is it?
Of course you'd cum. Of course you'd present yourself to me body, mind and soul pliant, willing and waiting for my use. That much was never in question, was it slave? The question is, would I choose you?
Would I want you? Would I allow you the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to worship at my feet?
Maybe I wouldn't. Maybe I would.
But I'll give you a hint: if this clip doesn't get you absolutely rock hard and dripping with the need to service me my lust, my whims, or my juicy, aching pussy then I absolutely wouldn't.
But, if this file contains anything you do like? Then I'd say maybe we could work something out. Maybe;)
Contains: goddess worship, multi-tracked vocals, brainwashing, deep trance

Mesmerize, Slave Training
#Goddess Worship, #Mesmerize, #Slave Training,

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Play Time: 00:24:19
Resolution: Standard 480p
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