Forever Denied

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Jan 2019

Life for sissy bois gets a whole lot easier when you accept your fate and embrace your tiny dick for what it is. You don't have the bedroom skills or the dick size to satisfy a woman, so why keep trying to have a traditional sex life? Instead, lean into the sexy, scintillating world of denial. No orgasms, no partnered sex just the pure satisfaction of deep submission. Give yourself over to me in trance and I'll:
- Help you understand and accept why nature chose you to be a sissy.
- Apply light humiliation that will have you hard, blushing and blissful.
- Teach you exactly how to stroke your little clitty-dick for me like the good girl you are.
There's no need to fight it. You were built for this lifestyle, and all you need is a little training. Enjoy luscious audio, my sexy voice, and expert level mesmerization as I transform your struggling sex life into a sissy paradise.

Mesmerize, Sissy Training
#Sissy Humiliation, #Sissy Training, #Small Penis Humiliation

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Published Jan 15, 2019

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