Fraud: Reverse-Psychology Findom Mindfuck

by Goddess Athalia
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Every dollar you spend is a jolt to your dick. Hot and ecstatic. Pleasurable and dangerous. You can't wait for your balls to fill, just so I can drain them. The same goes for your wallet. Wallet like balls, balls like wallet. Both contain your most valuable resources. Both are ripe for me to plunder and pillage with no mercy.
Not today, though. Today, you'd better hold onto your money. Keep it far, far away from me. And do your best to ignore how not spending makes you physically uncomfortable. Mindfucked, you're aroused. *Cash-burdened*, you want to spend. But a good boy resists, and you desperately want to be a good boy (resist). You want to avoid lavishing me with your hard-earned cash, and spoiling me with the fruits of your labor.
Both your wallet and bank account will sigh with relief for going unused; and you're glad of that. Not uncomfortable, not twitchy, not itching to click "BUY NOW" and lose your wad (of money) for me. No. Just really, really happy.
Enjoy that"happiness" while it lasts. This file has some humiliating talk that may be hard for you to take. But it'll Coerce you to shoot your wad hard enough to hit the ceiling, nonetheless. I guess that's just the plight of you: no shame, and even le$$ $elf-control.
*Contains: binaural beats, subliminal whisper tracks, verbal humiliation, shaming

Financial Domination, Mesmerize
#Audio Only, #Financial Domination, #Mesmerize, #Verbal Humiliation

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