Fuck Like a Gentleman

by Goddess Athalia
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There are slaves who are merely tolerated by their Mistresses; and there are slaves who are owned and deeply loved. The difference becomes clear once you *FALL.*
I make you dropdrop*FALL* into a freefall of floaty, hazy lust until you are overcome with the need to serve my every whim. I seduce you into wanting only what I want, needing only what I need. I then impregnate your feeble mind with the perfect picture of the perfect fuck. Your subconscious takes it so deep, you have no choice but to transform from a clumsy savage to a perfect, gentleman slave. The kind of slave who wins his Goddess's heart and keeps it forever.
This deep psychological change is further facilitated by an endless, hipn0tic loop, qualifying your new way of thinking, feeling, and fucking.
Once you let me in, you'll never be able to go back to the man you were, and that will be more than okay with you. Your life is empty without the bridle of obedience. Meaningless without your Goddess's ownership and approval. The next time you're allowed inside ONE, the evidence will be clear: Goddess Athalia has mindfucked you into becoming the perfect sexual servant. More than a slave. More than a man. But a GENTLEman.
We both know now is the time. It's time you learned to deliver the type of fucking a real Goddess deserves.
*Contains: confusion induction, relaxing music, subliminal loops, embedded commands, finger snaps, pacing and leading, spatialized soundscape

Goddess Worship, Mesmerize
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