Gloss: Part 1 of 2

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Aug 2018

In part one of this cum-eating instruction trainer, you are subliminally conditioned to crave the taste of cum and to dutifully smear it all over your lips immediately following ejaculation, then lick your lips clean. The profound neuro-linguistic conditioning is designed to make this cum-smearing-and-licking action an ingrained habit.
In part two, we will use this new habit to teach your cock a neat trick, but for now, enjoy consuming your cum in a natural, easy, no-stress way that automatically makes you look forward to it more and more.
*Contains: auto-dual induction, slight fractionation, deep subliminals, pacing and leading, anchoring, binaural beats, compound suggestion

Cum Eating Instructions, Mesmerize
#Cum Eating Instructions, #Mesmerize

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Published Aug 10, 2018

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