Goddessgasm: Trance Training the Sacrificial Orgasm

by Goddess Athalia
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Length: 34:29

I hate to break it to you, but you've been jacking off ALL WRONG. It annoys me to think of ignorant little slaves like you, mindlessly beating your peters without point or purpose. As of today, slave, you are through wandering about life, dick in hand and hopelessly wondering what so-called "manhood" is all about. You've always suspected that your sole purpose in life is to *submit to a woman*, and in this session, I confirm why you are exactly right. Using hipn0tic Tools of Torment of affirmation, repetition, snaps and loops, I drive tendrils of truth deep inside your open and willing grey matter, recalibrating your mind and your cock to work in concert with your soul's true purpose sacrificing your seminal essence to a worthy Goddess. Gentle sound effects soothe you right into submission and transport you directly into the temple of the Goddess. My sweet coos and mind-melting mesmeric skills shall not coerce you to surrender the precious seed you hold so dear; they shall make you want to.

*Contains: affected voice, normal voice, multi-layered whisper tracks, men milked for sperm, men taken advantage of, female domination, goddess worship, hidden bonus track

Goddess Worship, Mesmerize
#Goddess Worship, #Jerk Off Instruction, #Mesmerize, #Orgasm Control, #Orgasms

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