Good Afternoon, Good Boy: Public Toilet JOI

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Sep 2017

Contrary to popular belief, Dommes don't want a weak man. We want a man with courage the courage to do exactly what we fucking say. To risk it all in order to please us. We want a man who will escape to a public bathroom in the middle of the day, sit on the toilet and jack himself off in front of god and anyone who happens to stroll in. With your headphones in and your cock in hand, you'll be oblivious to your potential audience and at real risk of being discovered, completely caught up in my filthy, potent mix of encouragement and humiliation.
The only pussy I want to deal with is my own, so stop being one. It's time you joined the ranks of the elite slaves who love high stakes masturbation simply because it amuses me. You've worked hard to build your reputation, but you're ready to risk it all for me. So be a good boy, and treat yourself to a good fucking afternoon.

*Contains: no induction, heavy use of hipn0tic vocal effect, binaural beats, ambient sounds that will keep you confused about whether or not someone is approaching
Note: Volume on this file is LOUD to reduce the chances you'll hear someone about to discover you. DO NOT listen if you have hearing problems OR have a low tolerance for risk.

#Masturbation Encouragement, #Masturbation Humiliation

Media Type: mp3
File Size: 8.00 MB
Published Sep 18, 2017

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