Good Morning, Good Boy: Daily Slave Affirmations

by Goddess Athalia
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Length: 10:30

Pussy, not breakfast, is the most important meal of the day. But since you're not here to eat mine like a good slave, I've had to devise other ways to get your morning started off correctly. First, I take advantage of your sleepy, naturally hipn0tized state by making you do the affirmations right after you wake up. Then, I make you jerk it while you listen and repeat the affirmations. This way, your cock learns that being sleepy and obedient for me is the only sure path to pleasure. With me on your mind all day, it'll be a wonder if you can even wait til tomorrow morning to do it all over again.

Audio Only, Mesmerize
#Affirmations, #Mesmerize, #Mindwash, #Slave Task, #Slave Training

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