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It's in the cards, slave. You're bound to surrender your all to me. Just like the gypsy told you you would. You visited her for a consultation, and much to your surprise, it's all coming to pass, just as she said. You're already fascinated with me, intrigued by me. It's only a matter of time before her other predictions for you come true too.
Deeply you gaze with her into a crystal ball, utterly hipn0tized by the beautiful scene therein. You and I, mistress and slave, Goddess and mortal. You're transfixed by my swinging pendulum, even as the sneaky, mysterious gypsy casts her own covert spell over you. Emptied, mystified, and slightly terrified, you've no choice but to grab your cock and surrender your pleasure to the gypsy and I.
You don't have to be a psychic to know that one thing is certain: a supernaturally good orgasm to the hipn0tic voice of Goddess Athalia.
*Contains: covert induction, embedded commands, joi, fake accent, covert suggestions

Erotic Magic Fantasy, Mesmerize
#Audio Only, #Mesmerize

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