by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Apr 2019

You're stuck in the Matrix, and the only thing real is your love and devotion to me. Exploiting that to my benefit is the ultimate rush for me. I love manipulating your weak mind like a hacker loves manipulating code, and you love it too.
That's why you drop like a rock as soon as you hear my deceptively sweet voice. Your body and brain know to make room for my entrance because I've trained you so well. I tell you all about yourself; how weak and helpless you are, how you can't defend against my skills, and the humiliation of it all makes you throb because you know I'm telling the truth.
My unique "100 to 1 Induction" blanks out your mind so fast, that you don't have any clue where you are or what's going to happen. But I don't stop there. I won't stop until I breach your mind's core and hack it to turn you into a dripping, panting mess. By the time you're so hard you can hear your dick throbbing in your ears, you're willing to do anything and I mean anything for me to let you cum. Even if it means your mind will never be the same afterwards.
Join me for a brutal, digital fuckfest that re-writes everything you thought you knew about submission and control. My code is written in the folds of your gray matter. It's lurking under your skin. You've already let me in. You've already been hacked.

Mesmerize, Mind Fuck
#Mesmerize, #Mind Fuck

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Published Apr 12, 2019

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