Hard as Rock, Gone as Fuck: Orgasmic Bliss in Deep Abyss

by Goddess Athalia
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I am a Coerce of nature. Your lust is a Coerce of nature. And together, we are unstoppable. Together, your cock and I fight and win the battle against your mind, your thoughts, your very sanity. My voice drips with seduction as hipn0sis carries you down into sweet abyss. From there, I use a potent mix of ASMR and multi-tracked vocals to strip away the last of your will to fight.
Erection is a natural hipn0sis. You can't keep your cock from getting hard, any more than you can keep yourself from obeying me. So you may as well embrace it. Hard as rock, gone as fuck. The two go hand-in-hand.
*Contains: ASMR, orgasm-inducing vocals, pacing and leading, atmospheric sounds (wind, thunder), embedded commands, arrogant woman, audio only

Audio Only, Mesmerize
#Audio Only, #Mesmerize

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