Hit It!

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Sep 2019

Sometimes, there's no such thing as a second chance. Sometimes, your uncontrollable craving for erotic mesmerization overtakes you in ways that can't be walked back.
You knew you were fucked when you dropped like a rock at the opening trigger. After that, things got hazy. Something about sensitive information, a controlled jerk-off session and erupting hands-free the second you hit "send."
By the time it's over, you're blissed out and riding out the last few pulses of a shattering climax. But you can't shake that sinking feeling that you've just done something very, very foolish.
Something you never would've done if you'd been in any kind of control of yourself.
*For legal reasons, I'm required to tell you that this file is for entertainment purposes only. The creator is not liable for any misuse of this file by the user.*

Blackmail Fantasy, Mesmerize
#Blackmail Fantasy, #Cum Countdown, #Jerk Off Instruction, #Mesmerize

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Published Sep 6, 2019

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