Love Defined: Goddess Addiction Trance

by Goddess Athalia
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Length: 25:40

"There's a part of you that cannot resist. You've already made up your mind."- Goddess Athalia, "Love Defined: Goddess Addiction Trance" You have no idea why my voice turns your mind to mush you're just grateful it does. You don't know why my soft whispers turn your cock to stone you're just happy it does. You haven't the slightest clue about how addicted to me you'll be by the time you finish listening but you will. The induction is your favorite part. The part where I talk into trance and leave you clueless about how you got there so fast. Admit it, you live to be cocooned by my blanket of whispers, hipn0 and juicy ASMR sounds. Nothing can rival the way your mind LETS GO at the snap of my fingers. You've never been love addicted before, even if you think you have. Not until you've been *dropped* and *bra1nwashd* by Goddess Athalia. BUY NOW I am your new narcotic. I am love defined. ENJOY *pacing and leading, power of suggestion, ASMR, bra1nwash1ng, subliminal loops

Love Addiction, Mesmerize
#Goddess Worship, #Love Addiction, #Mesmerize

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