by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Mar 2019
For Ladies

It's amazing what you can find in your local antique shop. In the back corner, where the old recordings are, you find a vinyl record marked "Master," and the blurb on the back reads like its right up your alley. It purports to be a secret recording from master domina Goddess Athalia. She was a pioneer of the fetish scene in the in 1930s and 40s, dominating erotica with underground sound recordings that were easier to distribute than visual porn and, for many, even better to get off to.
Most of her material was geared towards men who loved being dominated by her in trance, but before her passing in the 1960s, she passed along her secrets in the rare recording "Master." In it, she instructed men who wanted to experience life on the other side of the pendulum, who wanted to go from mesmerized to mesmerizer.
If you too would like to know the Goddess's secrets to:
-Turning willing trance subjects into mesmerized, obedient sex partners
-Helping partners expand their sexual horizons in an inhibition-free state of trance
-Training volunteers to trance for you on command
then you'll have to listen very closely. Her methods are extremely subtle, but they work all the same. By placing you yourself into trance, she plants the seeds that will eventually lead you to mastering the art of erotic trance. Under her tutelage, you too will learn the subtle art of laying willing trancees at your feet, ready and willing to do your sexual bidding. Discover your inner dominant. Discover the power and sexual thrill of becoming a Master.
NOTE: File is purposefully recorded with lower quality, artifacts, errors and old-timey sound effects for stylisitic purposes. It is meant to sound antiquated and old. The effect creates a very warm, relaxing, ASMR-y recording. DO NOT purchase if you are not up for a unique, vintage audio experience.

Female Training, Mesmerize
#Female Training, #Mesmerize

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Published Mar 27, 2019

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