Medulla Oblongasmic

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Apr 2019

It's widely believed that the medulla oblongata is the brain's aggression center. It's the part that lights up when life is unfair, you got rejected again, and you're just fucking **** off at the world. But I have a proposition for you; what if the best way to take out your frustrations is to take out your dick?
Let me guide you on a mesmerizing journey filled with dreamy loops, mythical ambience and tempting suggestions. I bring you down slow and sweet and trance you into channeling all the day's frustrations and anger into one gigantic, toe-curling climax.
Bitterness has never tasted so sweet and rage has never felt so good. Let me unwind you and help you put that energy where it really belongs your dick. No need to hold back. Turns out, it can take a real beating;)

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Published Apr 17, 2019

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