Milk and Cookie: Sexual Stamina Programming

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Jul 2018

Your girlfriend just switched her birth control, and her body’s adjustment period is insane. The result is a hormonal upheaval that’s not only got her hump-everything horny 24 hours a day, but it’s even got her lactating! Her breasts are massively swollen, her pussy dripping wet and she’s demanding more from you sexually than you’re able to give. Between your need to work, rest and enjoy some kind of refractory period, something’s got to give!
Fortunately, your wily, selfish and un-humanly horny girlfriend has a solution. She’s taken a crash course in NLP, and tonight she’s going to use it on you to get what she wants – for as long as she wants. That’s a full night of you draining her milky tits and tongue-bathing her silky-wet pussy until she’s satisfied – not just until you get tired.
With your brain NLP’d to effectively bypass its need for rest and recovery, you can stop paying attention to your own needs and finally become the mindless sucking and fucking machine she needs, tongue working and dick hard until sunrise.
Prepare for a blank mind, a sustained hard-on and a belly full of warm sweet, milk- the perfect accompaniment to that warm delicious cookie between her legs. What better treat for such a brainlessly obedient boy?
Appropriate for lactation fetishists, pussy eaters and any male who wants to build unbreakable stamina in bed.
*Contains: ambient sounds, realistic immersive audio, pacing and leading, anchoring, audio sex, femdom

Lactating, Mesmerize
#Breast Milk Pumping, #Mental Domination, #Mesmerize, #Oral Servitude

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Published Jul 8, 2018

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