Mr. A.

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Aug 2018

What if I told you I couldn’t get enough of you?
What if I called you Sir?
What if I declared my pussy was yours and begged you to do with it what you will?
If I ever were to tell you these things, it could only mean one thing; I’m not talking to you – I’m talking to Mr. A.
Mr. A. is Mr. Alpha, your inner sexual dominant. He doesn’t get a lot of attention in the erotic mesmerization game, but this file is just for him. He’s an aggressive, take-charge kind of lover with the perfect mix of aggression, skill and charisma. Mr. A. is intoxicating, irresistible, and he lurks just beneath the surface of your mind.
Submit yourself to me and *drop* as I lure out your Mr. A. with a coyly feminine patter that subliminally arouses him. By sneaking up on your mind’s critical area from the back door, I create a potent cocktail of sexual and aggressive suggestions that stir Mr. A.’s senses and urge him to come topside. Once he does, the session will be between he and I – no longer between me and you.
Using carefully chosen NLP techniques, I create a rapport frame to set Mr. A. at ease; I become his dream submissive so that his dominance can take control. Once I have his attention, I use guided imagery and inferred suggestion to strengthen his consciousness, will and personality for future use.
The result is the creation of a distinct and well-formed alter-ego, a split personality you can call up whenever you need him. Once I’ve dismissed Mr. A., I will install a post suggestion to reaction that you can use to call him topside at will. By using this trigger, you will be able to call on this alternative personality when you:
1.) Need extra confidence to approach a potential partner.
2.) Want to please a submissive partner in the bedroom.
3.) Need to add more excitement to you and your partner’s sex lives.
4.) Want to attract a more submissive partner.
5.) Need to acquire more sexual skills or nurture your dominant side.
There are hundreds of potential partners for you out there, waiting for someone who exudes the dominant, masculine energy they crave.
Can you make a woman’s pussy drip using nothing but your voice? Can you strip someone out of their clothes without even touching them because the command you gave was so strong? Can you turn her into a shivering, whimpering, cum-covered mess who thanks you for the manhandling and begs you for more? Can you make them climax from anticipation alone, or have them waiting on you hand and foot in a humble bid to receive your dick?
No. Truthfully, you can’t do any of these things – but Mr. A. can. It’s time you to let me talk to him.

Male Domination, Mesmerize
#Alpha Male, #Male Domination, #Mesmerize

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Published Aug 17, 2018

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