Mystery Box

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Mar 2018

You're looking for something fun, new, different. You wonder where all the fun of erotic hipn0sis has gone. The intrigue. The mystery. You don't want paint-by-numbers, and you don't want your hipn0tist showing all her cards up front. You're here for the deception. You're here for the domination; and half the fun of being dominated? Is about not knowing what's coming next.
That's why you're compelled to open my Mystery Box. What do you see inside? My deceptively alluring vocals, gentle binaural thrums and Gaussian whooshes breaking down your every brain cell. Verbal entrapment disguised as gentle, sweet hipn0sis. And underneath it all? Lethal subliminals your conscious can't catch, but your subconscious yields to with each word. Like a simple computer, I program you like the mindless drone you are.
In buried vocal tracks I speak sweetly, persuading your feeble mind to do all sorts of things for me. What sorts of things? That's why it's a mystery, slave. You won't know until it's too late.
I literally have a little black book of banned hipn0sis techniques, and I pulled it out just for you. In this file, I use almost every one of those techniques to make you do some things you'll love...and some things you'll hate. Some things you've wanted but have been scared to try. Some things you do daily, but will never do again. Not once I have my way with you. Not once you've opened my Mystery Box.
*Contains: binaural beats, pacing and leading, post-hipn0tic suggestions, deeply hidden subliminal messages, vocal warping (slight), vocal effects, white noise, finger snaps

Mesmerize, Mind Fuck
#Mesmerize, #Mind Fuck

Media Type: mp3
File Size: 14.49 MB
Published Mar 6, 2018

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