P.E.T.E.R. - Bisexual Coercion Fantasy

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Dec 2017

Dr. Athalia Rey is one of the world's foremost hipn0therapists and the developer of P.E.T.E.R, Progressive Entrainment Therapy-Fantasy for Erotic-Impulse Reversal. The method uses deep brainwave entrainment to free subjects from unwanted sexual desires such as taboo kinks and homoerotic tendencies.
What Dr. Rey's clients don't know, though, is that's she's devious, manipulative, and kinky as fuck. In fact, the very desires clients hire her to remove are the ones she works to enforce. A kinkier society is a happier society, she believes, and she's doing her part help subjects tap into their deepest desires and experience sexual freedom.
Her intentions may be good, but her ethics are not. She's about to be stripped of her license, but not before she strips you of your bisexual inhibitions. Rather than get rid of them like you've asked her to, she's going to covertly feed your subconscious all the reasons why you should get some dick. By the time you wake up, your thirst for cock will be at an all time high, and it will be all Dr. Athalia's fault.
So, why don't you lie down on the couch? Make yourself comfortable, and relax. It's time for you to go deep and experience the joy of a juicy, throbbing P.E.T.E.R.
*Contains: anchoring, pacing and leading, vocal effects, music, guided imagery (bottom-centric), joi *Disclaimer: For fantasy purposes only. Characters and scenarios are fictional.

Coerced Bi, Mesmerize
#Bi-Sexual, #Coerced Bi, #Mesmerize

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Published Dec 23, 2017

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