Peak Condition

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Apr 2019

You need an incentive to work out. You know you could pull better pussy if you were muscular, lean and in awesome shape; it's simple science. But you can't seem to bring yourself to do it.
It's time for a shortcut. Using a repetitive trance loop with a fast, driving beat, I hack your mind to produce the willpower that you lack. Studies show that the key to self-motivation isn't willpower it's desire. And what greater desire do you have than to get off? I use targeted NLP phrases and sneaky anchor statements to link exercise with sexual gratification in your mind. Through looping, your subconscious is Exposed-Fantasy to these ideas so repetitively that it has no choice but to assimilate and act on them.
The result is a newfound enthusiasm for working out and a unique sexual charge you get out of the activity. Don't be surprised if you start popping boners while bench pressing, getting hard in your running shorts or needing the relief of a hard wank after a great workout.
A certain famous Austrian bodybuilder/former U.S. governor once said, "When I have sex, it feels like I'm working out, and when I'm working out, it feels like I'm having sex."
Time for you discover what he means;)
*Note: This is a loop. It's a looped track. It repeats itself constantly, because that's what loops do.*

Exercise, Mesmerize
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Published Apr 17, 2019

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