by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Jul 2018

I look deep inside your mind, and all I see is filth. Cocks and balls, tits and asses. Tight bodies and leaking holes. I want to see more of that.
You want it too. To finally surrender to the porn and masturbation addiction that's been threatening to claim your life for years. You've tried holding it together; working a job, having a social life...or whatever it is "normal" men do between fap sessions.
But your efforts at normalcy will dissolve under my treatment. Your brain is already fried off porn from years of auto-suggestion and association. Sucks for you that my mesmerization is about to make it worse.
My evil heart and silver tongue inevitably set your pussy-mind dripping and your hand reaching helplessly for your cock, to stroke it to climax yet again. You already came twice, but when you're under my spell? There's no such thing as a refractory period. I ruthlessly mindfuck you into believing you don't have one, and so it is. Your subconscious doesn't know any better. All it knows is that I am its Goddess, and you are its slave. I use brutally effective compound suggestion to drive this point home, putting you into a trance so deep you'd never get out if not for my mercy. I'll release you; but not until I've had fun crippling you into a near-cataleptic state.
When I say queue up a porno, and *drop* that's precisely what you do. Hard, mindless and leaking as you succumb to my deepeners and sink quickly into Alpha state. Like a perverted zombie you *fall* into the cock-pumping stupor you know so well. Only this time, it will be ages before you come out of it and moments before you go back in. You're about to get as close to round-the-clock porn watching and masturbation as humanly possible.
Sure, you're preparing to lose your lifelong battle with porn and masturbation addiction; but that doesn't mean you can't have fun waving the white flag. So grab your flag for me slave. Grasp it firmly, and go find a nice, juicy porno to watch. Make sure it's a long one I'm going to have you waving that flag of yours until it hurts.
*Contains: quick fractionation induction, driving fast-paced trance beat, chanting/mantra-induced trance, loops, vocal layering, binaural beats

Masturbation Encouragement, Mesmerize
#Addiction Training, #Masturbation Encouragement, #Mesmerize

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Published Jul 20, 2018

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