Prana: Energetic Premature Ejaculation

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Jun 2019

Those yoga pants cut into the crack of her ass just right. Her fat pussy lips are presenting themselves so obviously that she may as well be naked. You're distracted and getting hard; that's what she was counting on.
Your yoga instructor is nowhere near as innocent as she looks. She sees men like you all the time, roped into this posh resort's Men's Yoga Retreat by their nagging wives. It's her pleasure to lull you into a false sense of security before trancing you into blind obedience.
She knows that men like you don't take the art of yoga seriously. That's why she's going to use your very disbelief against you, using energetic and yogic practices to induce the sweetest kind of male sexual dysfunction premature ejaculation. Not only that, but her final exercise is one that will leave you reeling with embarrassment, trepidation, and the perverse pleasure of feeling you've been had.
Yoga class is now in session; don't you dare be late.
(Hint: Sit on a yoga mat in the lotus pose to enhance this hyper-real experience.)

Mesmerize, Premature Ejaculation
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Published Jun 8, 2019

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