PsyLock: Mental Chastity Training

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Sep 2018

I'm going to peel away your layers. Layers of obstinance, incontinence, and mental chatter. You're going to cease to exist while I take you apart and play with your mind.
Chastity has eluded you. You can't be trusted with your own dick, but you don't have a keyholder to make you behave. That's about to change. I am your keyholder, and I'm about you trap you into a mental mindfuck that will rearrange your perceptions. Your reality will be altered as your subconscious is made to believe that your cock is locked up in a cage indefinitely.
An uncharacteristic hesitancy to stroke your dick. A feeling of intense sexual frustration. An inexplicable need to beg permission. All evidence of one thing I got into your head, and there's no breaking free of my PsyLock until or unless I say.
You can remain headstrong if you like. You can try to fight your way up to the surface and impose your will to break the programming and get free; but I warn you that will be no freedom at all. Because laced throughout this recording are ruthless subliminals imparting a curse on he who should break the PsyLock without a key. You are in a word, caged, no matter what you do.
So settle in and enjoy what I'm about to do to you. You'll trade one master for another no longer a slave to your dick, but invariably a slave to me the Goddess who hold the key to your pleasure and to your mental cock cage.
*Contains: subliminals, re-framing, mild humiliation, conditional curse, compound suggestions, chunking, ambient music, half-scripted; half-looped

Chastity, Mesmerize
#Chastity, #Mental Chastity, #Mesmerize

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Published Sep 5, 2018

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