Rejection Erection

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Jul 2018

There are lots of ways to be rejected, but rejection from the opposite sex hurts most. You can practically feel your nervous system shutting down and your testicles shrinking up the moment she makes it clear she’s not into you. At least you tried. Now you can go home and lick your wounds. Or…
You could let me take a crack at that precious mind of yours. You see, the way I figure it, the girl already thinks you’re a freak; so why don’t you show her one! Because what’s freakier than a guy who’s been mindfucked into getting off on rejection? Who’s been tranced into perceiving rejection as the ultimate aphrodisiac? You heard me right.
What if you let me re-route your sympathetic nervous response from pain and depression to arousal and need? What if I put you under and bypassed your mind’s critical factor to make it perceive rejection as your own private jerk material?
I know it sounds weird, but she already thinks you’re weird. And why should you have to suffer just because some forgettable girl took a pass on all the good you have to offer? She tweaked your emotions, but she can’t control your mind. Only I can do that.
I drop you down slow and sweet, seeding in the compound suggestions I want and priming your brain to make new associations. Once you’re in trance, I cut to the quick with anchors and leads to confuse your subconscious into dutifully producing the desired results. And when I’m finished? You’ll be showering me with admiration for making you cum to thoughts you never dreamed you would. For taking the bane of your social existence and transmuting it into rocket fuel for your libido.
She may have said no, but you’re going to say yes. “Yes” to Goddess Athalia, “yes” to new psycho-emotional patterns and “yes” when I turn your groans of heartache into sweet moans of orgasmic ecstasy. In my divine and infinite mercy, I’m going to take pity on you and fix what she broke. I will use my power to repair your ego, address your hurt and manipulate you into getting off hard in the process.
WARNING: File is a true mindfuck and heavy on deception and reframing. NOT recommended for men who don’t like having their minds truly played with and fucked hard.
*Contains: indirect suggestion, slow patter, psychological reframing, emotional masochism, light BDSM, verbal and musical mirroring, mantras, compound suggestions, audio sex noises

Mesmerize, Sexual Rejection
#FemDom, #Masturbation Encouragement, #Mental Domination, #Mesmerize, #Mind Fuck, #Rejection, #Sexual Rejection

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Published Jul 21, 2018

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