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Release: Sep 2017

She's skillful, reliable, and let's you fuck her whenever and wherever you want. No, she's not some unattainable fantasy dame she's your own dominant hand, Rosie Red Palm.
Rosie is one classy broad, and they don't call her and her 5 Finger Friends "dominant" for nothing. She's bossy, demanding, and she misses you terribly, even though you fuck her every day. She wants more, and she's determined to get it.
Let Rosie guide you through a fun self-fractionation induction that will make you mindless, pliant and perfectly willing to give her even more of the merciless pounding she craves.
There's no way you can control your masturbation addiction with Rosie running the show. You fully trust her to take over control, and leave you with no choice but to jack off frequently. This Rosie is riveting, and I suppose you could say that she has your solo sex life...well in hand.
Contains: finger snaps, JOI, fractionation, self-hipn0sis, sentient body parts, music

Masturbation Encouragement, Mesmerize
#JOI, #Masturbation Encouragement, #Mesmerize, #Mind Fuck

Media Type: mp3
File Size: 15.77 MB
Published Sep 25, 2017

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