by Goddess Athalia
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Length: 31:59

Your Goddess knows exactly what you need after a long, hard day. A getaway...a hideaway...a safe place... for the two of us to play.
Take refuge, my pet, in my inner Sanctum. Cum and gorge on the delights of obedience, servitude and blissful slavery. Knowing no one excepting your Queen, knowing nothing but a cumpulsive need to worship and cherish me.
Here in the Sanctum, I care for you, delighting in you as you rest and recover from the hectic outside world. I indulge you with my affections, filling your empty brain urges...irresistible urges to fall to your knees and obey me. The pull of my power over you knows no end, and it's pulling you right into the Sanctum.
Cum follow me there. I'm waiting for you.
Contains: *femdom,* gentle femdom,*,* sub-training, petting, mesmerization, fantasy, soft music, binaural beats, sultry vocals

Goddess Worship, Mesmerize
#FemDom Goddess, #Mesmerize

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