by Goddess Athalia
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Release: May 2019

For a cum-eating fetishist like yourself, the only thing bigger than your lust is your greed. Feeling the sweet ripples of ejaculation is your trigger, inciting a wild hunger for the salty savoriness of fresh cum.
You've mastered the art of eating cum on your own; now, I want you to show off. In this hotter-than-hot file, I use anchoring, indirect and direct suggestion, implied association, binaural beats and a dizzying staircase induction to catapult your CEI obsession to its next level creampie cleanup.
Cum never tastes better than when it's flowing out of a woman you've just fucked, and through the science of entrancement, creampie cleanup becomes a fiery obsession that burns through your core. Call it a party trick. Call it dedication to her satisfaction. But whatever you call it, it cannot be helped. You won't have a choice in the matter.
She'll see you as a sexual dynamo as she shivers in ecstasy,her used cunt quivering in your mouth. But you and I will both know that it isn't really about her. It's about you and your never-ending thirst for the salty-creamy treat that drives you insane.
Oh, and as my special gift to you, I've included a nice Easter egg; some bonus programming that you may not see...cumming. But it will all make sense once you listen. Let's just say that once I escalate this CEI fetish of yours to near-debilitating levels, you may suddenly find yourself....rather indiscriminate.

Cum Eating Instructions, Mesmerize
#Cuckold, #Cum Eating Instructions, #Mesmerize

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Published May 10, 2019

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