Single-Minded Obedience: Orgasm Denial Trance

by Goddess Athalia
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Length: 22:01

You know something isn't right. Your orgasms aren't as satisfying. Your mind is racing, restless and bored.
The tendrils of my voice are *so calming* as they penetrate your brain. Soothing it and seducing you into my perfectly mindless minion.
With my every word you *fall deeper.* Your face goes slack and your mind goes still. You remain perfectly at peace, even as your cock fills and strains upwards to try to reach me. Those familiar, tingly feelings in it tell you it's time to *jack off*, but I tell you it is not. And you ONLY.LISTEN.TO.ME.
Your cock hardens at my voice because it belongs to me. Just like your will and your obedience belong to me. And you'll know just how once* I finish* with you.
*I finish*
*I finish*
*I finish...*
...but you don't.

Mesmerize, Orgasm Denial
#Audio Only, #FemDom Goddess, #Mental Domination, #Mesmerize, #Orgasm Control, #Orgasm Denial

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