Slip ‘n Slide: Multiorgasmic Squirt and Cum Fest

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Jul 2018

Just like the birds and the bees, your cock knows what time it is. It's summer! And that means taking your fill of hot, wet sweaty fun. This is the time of year when all the bubble blasters, water sprayers and wading pools come out. But I've got another summer favorite in mind: the Slip 'n Slide.
Sure it's the famous outdoor toy we all know and love, but I'm thinking of something a little more adult. Wet and messy, messy and wet. Good boys like you deserve the nastiest, sloppiest, juiciest sex this time of year – no shortage of lube, cum and squirt to keep you moist in all this heat.
So, put on your headphones, kick back on your porch or deck and let me take you away. Into a downright debauched trance fantasy about your raging cock, plundering an obscenely juicy pussy. Your balls are heavy with cum, her cunt overflows with juice and together, you two have the absolute wettest sex of the summer. You can't stop cumming, she can't stop squirting, and you'll be lucky if you don't both drench one another in your pool of sex and sin.
It's too hot outside for dry sex. I know you want it nasty; I know you need it sloppy, and I know you have to have it as wet as wet gets. This ultra-real trance fantasy puts your mind right into the action. Masterful guided imagery gets you right where you need to be; plowing balls-deep into a fountain-like pussy that lavishes you with wet, raining over you like a Bellagio show, every time she cums.
Get your cock out of your shorts for me, and prepare for an obscenely wet ride. Indulge your desire to celebrate the season by blasting your nut juice everywhere like fireworks. After all, it's officially summer.
*Contains: NLP, guided imagery, anchoring, binaural beats, nasty wet noises, moans and groans, hyper-realistic sex sounds

Mesmerize, Wet & Messy
#Creampie, #Dirty & Messy, #Men Following Orders, #Mesmerize

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Published Jul 11, 2018

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