Softness and Magic: ****-Dick HFO ASMR

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Feb 2019

Do you ever wish the sounds of gentle rain could just wash all your problems away? Do you ever listen to my sumptuous voice beautifully layered with coos and whispers and wonder how it alone can make you so sinfully horny? Do you ever wonder if it would be possible to experience temporary impotence but enjoy orgasm and ejaculation all the same? Well, now you can stop wondering.
In this stunningly gorgeous ASMR file, juicy crackles, rain and whispers create a sensory smorgasbord that excites your dick through your ears. A script that's the perfect blend of professional technique and artful eroticism snips every thread of thought until you've no choice but to surrender with abandon. Guided imagery is the primary technique used, and you'll never see it more effectively applied than in this file.
The result is a subconscious blueprint for eventual orgasms that cum completely out of nowhere no friction, no hardness just the immediate onset of ultimate pleasure and the sweet, sticky mess that it brings. Orgasm and ejaculation with no touching and no erection are completely possible. All it takes is a bit of concentration, the perfect file, and a healthy pinch of magic.

ASMR, Mesmerize
#ASMR, #Hands Free Orgasm, #Limp Dick, #Mesmerize

Media Type: mp3
File Size: 22.92 MB
Published Feb 9, 2019

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