Spurting Spectacular!: Explosive Trance Orgasm

by Goddess Athalia
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I think you're falling short of your orgasmic potential, slave. Why settle for sputters when you could have fireworks? You can start by letting me break your mind down like a fraction using my fractionation induction. Then, you can lie back and listen as subtly I program your subconscious mind for more explosive, more spectacular orgasms. By the time I explain in explicit detail what I'd do to you if I had you alone on a holiday night? You'll be rock hard and frothing at the dick, tranced out and eager to show me how powerfully and obediently you can cum for me.
You don't have to be American to enjoy. You just have to be down for one hell of a good time; and willing to accept that you'll never be able to look at fireworks the same way again.
*Contains: fractionation induction, anchoring, reverse psychology, subliminal loops, very brief fireworks sounds (WARNING for PTSD)

Audio Only, Mesmerize
#Mind Fuck, #Orgasms

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