Stud: Seductive Impregnation and Breeding Coersion

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Sep 2017

Your wife has **** fever and wants you to get her pregnant NOW! You've told her you don't think it's the right time, but she's growing more impatient by the day. Unfortunately for you, she's gotten creative. Instead of fighting you, she's going to coerce you through the power of hipn0sis. Her pillow talk slips easily into a covert hipn0sis induction, and you're out like a light before you know it.
But here's the kicker – the clever girl isn't going to hipn0tize you into fucking her (you can't stop yourself from doing that anyway.) She's not even going to hipn0tize you into wanting a baby. She's going to hipn0tize your subconscious to make your body produce more and more potent sperm. So powerful that even your most deftly executed pull-out could result in knocking her up with triplets!
Once she tricks your body into pumping out super-sperm, one drop will be all she needs to conceive your bab(ies)y and trap you forever. All she needs is to weaponize your balls into a powerful, uber-potent sperm factory. She is a devious, horny bitch in heat and to her? You're nothing more than good breeding stock – a helpless, potent stud.
Contains: covert induction, delta binaural beat (to enhance cell growth and generation), guided imagery, pacing and leading, partial joi, psychological manipulation

Impregnation Fantasy, Mesmerize
#Breeding, #Coerced Ejaculations, #Impregnation Fantasy, #Mesmerize, #Mind Fuck

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Published Sep 18, 2017

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