The Burgeoning Bimbo

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Apr 2018

Your sluttier leanings are a well-kept secret. Few, if any, people on this planet know about your bimbo proclivities. To blow the top off that secret and express your true bimbo nature would be the ultimate fantasy. But it doesn't have to be. It could be your reality. Not without some deep subliminal reprogramming, though. And certainly not without a Goddess of my skill set to infiltrate and exploit all those latent bimbo fantasies buried in your head. It would take a potent mix of reverse psychology, rock-solid anchoring, and inescapable behavior modification to make your last shred of self-control snap. To transform you from a timid wannabe, into the fabulous plastic whore you truly are inside. I'm on her side, slave. Not yours. That's why we're both about to get the better of you. Between your inner bimbo's craving for cock, glamour and exhibitionism, and my ruthless brand of deep hipn0sis, you're about to get more than you've ever dreamed of. And a lot than you bargained for. So don't come complaining to me when you blow your next paycheck on pretty clothes and makeup. Don't cry foul the first time a handsome stranger grabs you by your wig and jams his thick cock between your painted red lips. And don't look back when your pretty, plastic alter-ego takes the plunge and starts herself an Instagram account. Instead, just thank Goddess Athalia and go with the flow; after all, now is the age of The Burgeoning Bimbo.

Feminization, Mesmerize
#Bimbofication, #Mesmerize

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Published Apr 5, 2018

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