The De-juicing

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Feb 2018

The year is 3017, and males have gone almost totally extinct due to their own stupidity. Fortunately, the superior sex has devised a way to keep the human race going. Capture men like you, herd them into abandoned dairy farms and hook them up to milking machines, just like their ancestors used to do to dairy c0ws. But it's not milk you're being harvested for; it's cum.
That thick, creamy commodity that's in short supply now that most of the men are gone. You will be stripped naked, placed on all fours, led into stocks and rendered helpless for an hour or more as a mechanical suction device milks your cock dry. In their infinite mercy, the superior sex has provided you a hipn0tic relaxation audio to soundtrack your abject humiliation. They find hipn0sis makes you cum c0ws more mindless and relaxed, so your body can commit its resources to what's really important maximum semen production.
I want you to put your headphones on, get naked and assume the position. Listen as the AI hipn0tically talks you through the cum-miking process, then introduces the deep relaxation track. Your room will serve as your virtual cum c0w farm, and your nearest pocket pussy device will sub nicely for a dairy milking pump. Prepare to becum drooling, mindless l1vest0ck, entranced into a life of Coerced orgasms and sexual exhaustion. Prepare to be de-juiced.
*Contains: binaural beats, multi-tracked vocals, floaty voice, acutal milk pump machine sounds

Mesmerize, Milking Machines
#Cum, #Mesmerize, #Milking Machines

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Published Feb 24, 2018

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