The Feminine Fellow

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Jan 2018

You're a straight guy. Period. You love women, you enjoy being a man, and you're not into other men's cocks. But that doesn't mean you don't want to feel pretty sometimes. To love and appreciate that soft, feminine side of yourself that you only get to express on occasion. To relax deeply and pleasure yourself while I praise and encourage your inner goddess.
This isn't sissification or female transformation. It's not bimboification or humiliation. You're a strong man with an equally strong feminine side that you need not be ashamed of. All you have to do is *drop* and listen along as I help you explore your other half. Because being all straight and all man doesn't have to be a bore. Spice up your sex life by taking a walk on the wild side your gorgeous, girlish, feminine side.

Feminization, Mesmerize
#Feminization, #Mesmerize

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Published Jan 31, 2018

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