The Foot Parade

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Jan 2019

This foot lust-inducing file will have you so hard, mindless and drooling that you won't even recognize I'm using banned mind control techniques. You won't care about the deviance when I reprogram your foot fetish from a fun fantasy to life-altering, mind-crippling addiction. And when I carry you off on a sea of hyper-realistic mental imagery of painted toes, high arches and lickable heels, you won't even mind the questionable ethics of my techniques.
All you will know is that you've never been more eager to thrust your dick in between a woman's feet. That you've never been more turned on by the thought of sucking her perfect toes deep into your wanting mouth. And that, even though tits, ass and pussy are great, you never cum harder than you do when you're spraying your load all over a pair of perfect female feet.
These are the thoughts that drive you from mere fetishism to complete obsession. It's not just that you *want* to make love to a woman's feet, it's that you absolutely have to or else. When I get through ultra-fucking your helpless little mind, you won't be fucking feet merely for pleasure; you'll be doing it just stay sane.

Foot Fetish, Mesmerize
#Foot Domination, #Foot Fetish, #Mesmerize

Media Type: mp3
File Size: 19.44 MB
Published Jan 16, 2019

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