The Forbidden Fruit Factor

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Apr 2019

The Forbidden Fruit Factor: Premature Ejaculation Reverse-Psych Programming

She's really laying into you tonight. Your partner is sick of you not being able to last in bed, and she's clearly had enough. You wish you could respond the way she wants you to kow to the humiliation, hang your head in shame, do better. But your actual response to her eviscerating you about your PE is having the opposite effect; it's turning you on.
To your surprise, and substantial arousal, you're getting hard AGAIN. And even worse (better), you feel like you could blow your load any second! It must be that damned Goddess Athalia. She promised that this file would turn your PE shame into PE GAINS by programming humiliation to become a trigger. You had doubts that it would work, but now you see that it is. Every time you're berated, it makes you want to cum harder and faster; and you do.
I've layered a bitchy, fussy girlfriend track with my own gentle encouragement and counter-programming to make your deep associate humiliation with pleasure. Toward the end of the session, we take your new programming for a test drive, as the girlfriend continues her angry rant, much to your arousal.
You may find yourself startled by the results, especially if you aren't used to having a humiliation kink. Truly, the only thing that prevents you from experiencing the full joys of PE is deeply ingrained programming that makes you feel ashamed for cumming quickly. By turning this programming against itself, I've created a potent recipe for PE. Close your eyes and experience what it's like to have the cum compelled out of your balls with a feather-light touch, even when someone's trying to humiliate you out of it; hell, ESPECIALLY, when they're trying to humiliate you out of it!

Mesmerize, Premature Ejaculation
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Published Apr 5, 2019

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