The Garden of Denim Delights

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Dec 2017

In which you, my slave with the crippling jeans fetish, are granted a fanciful trip by your Fairy GodDomme. I take you to the Garden of Denim Delights where denim-clad beauties are hipn0tically influenced to stoop, bend and otherwise put themselves on display for voyeuristic your eyes. When it all becomes too much and your cock is throbbing with need, I trap you into a subconscious curse that requires you to jack off and cum within 15 minutes of seeing a hot girl in jeans in real life. I hope the next time you see such a girl that there's a public restroom available you're going to need it.

Jeans Fetish, Mesmerize
#Jeans Fetish, #Magic Fantasy, #Mesmerize

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Published Dec 19, 2017

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