The Goon Trap

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Feb 2018

You've read about it on those disgusting websites I know you visit. Gooning. The unbridled joy of submitting to your hard, demanding penis for hours at a time. Not cumming. Not spilling. Just consuming porn and edging your cock for hours until you're dizzy with arousal and high off your own horniness.
The guys on the forum say it's the best, but you're not sure you're ready. They swear there's nothing like the primal, ecstatic rush of never-ending arousal, but you're not sure you can give up your regular routine.
I'll give you a hint, cockmeat. It doesn't matter whether or not you're fucking ready. Do you want to go to the next level of penile pleasure, or not? Do you want to become a full-time stroker, or not? Do you want to stop being a pussy and have a gooning story of your own to share or not? Gooning is about devoting your life to your cock, and your cock is always ready. So why aren't you?
I see. You've still got some misgivings about the gooning lifestyle. Lucky for you, I know exactly how to get through to pussy minds like yours. My Goon Trap stupefies your addict mind into a Catch-22 that actually Coerces you to start gooning, whether you're ready or not. It works like this...
You're in trance, mind melted, will gone, completely unable to protect yourself from me. That's when I fill your head tons of suggestions about how badly you want to cum (and trust me, it won't be a tough sell), and a bunch of other fun stuff. When I'm done playing with you, you'll be left all alone with two choices: A.) Masturbate yourself to orgasm, or B.) don't.
Option A.) Will result in your last orgasm as you know it. Thanks to my clever web of NLP and embedded commands, your mind has grown more resistant to orgasm every time you cum. No matter how much you masturbate or fuck, orgasm will become more and more elusive until you can't catch it at all. In essence, you'll be gooning whether you like it or not: always horny, hard and wanting.
With Option B.) You choose not to masturbate immediately after the file, putting off the "last orgasm as you know it" scenario inevitably. You're sparing yourself that downward spiral of increasing resistance to orgasm. Theoretically, there's still a couple of decent orgasms left in your future. But the thing is, in order to preserve have to goon. You have to let your cock get hard, stroke it, and watch porn, all without getting off. Because if you do, you'll never be able to get off again.
Now, that's what I call a Catch-22 or a Catch Twenty-Goon. It's exactly the kind of bait that hipn0-addicts like you can't resist taking. But, as with any other kind of bait, remember there's always a catch. There's always a trap.

Mesmerize, Mind Fuck

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Published Feb 9, 2018

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