The Labyrinth

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Aug 2017

Your mind is often a mess. A perilous pit of lust, desire. Need. Intertwined so tightly you can't see your way through. You need me to untangle it for you, as only my powers can.
I pace and lead you through the turns of The Labyrinth, one step at a time. Vivid imagery steers you. My unflinching authority Coerces you to surrender, and suddenly, you've escaped your need for control. For thinking. Mindless and will-less in my hands.
REAL Femdom. REAL hipn0sis. REAL techniques transport you to an inner world of exquisite pleasure where the handjobs are blissful, the blowjobs are spine-melting…and the orgasms are explosive.
Hot. Electric. Brain-frying pleasure. All await you in The Labyrinth.

Blowjob Simulation, Mesmerize
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Published Aug 10, 2017

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