The Natural Man Series: Tree-Trunk Fullness

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Oct 2017

I've heard the murmurs, the complaints. Some of you are upset that sissies seem to get all the attention in the hypnokink community. Bimboification-this, female transformation-that. And while I have and will continue to gladly own my lovely sissies, my mission is to bring ALL men under my control even you alpha males.
The "Natural Man" Series is just for you. Using powerful hypnosis, ambient nature sounds and traditionally masculine imagery, I appeal to your subconscious need to express and enhance your manliness. But that's not all. I use my NLP skills to stimulate your brain's growth center, and as a result? I facilitate the kind of change even the most stubborn males can get behind NATURAL male enhancement. Or, to put it more plainly making your dick bigger.
Much bigger. HUGE. The kind of big you've been dreaming about. Long, wide, veiny...perfect. The crowning glory of a manly man like yourself.
And that's only the beginning. The other two phases of the series are designed to produce ever-ready erections and gloriously gushing orgasms!
It takes a powerful woman to put maleness into to the context it belongs. I want you to have a bigger cock, so I'm going to make sure you have one. Period.
I can take big cock, big boy. Question is, can you dish it out? Now that you've discovered this file, maybe you can.

Growth Fetish, Mesmerize
#Big Dicks, #Growth Fetish, #Growth Process, #Mesmerize

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Published Oct 29, 2017

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