The New Classic

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Oct 2017

My career up to this point has been something like an experiment, a trial of how men like yourself respond to Classical Conditioning. You've done even better than expected so far. The way your pulse quickens as soon as you've seen I've updated. The way your dick thickens the moment you hear me begin speaking. You are the perfect Classical Conditioning subject, all dry tongue and drooling dick in your humble expectation of pleasure.
But it's time for something new. Time to accelerate the program and take your conditioning to the next level. Your ripe, trainable subconscious will find this file full of deliciously juicy trigger primers. You are already trained to go deep and cum for me, but your next level of training includes:
-Cum Eating on command Binge clip buying Massive increases in libido More chronic and excruciatingly pleasurable masturbation Pussy denial
I use NLP, some aggressive trigger priming, subliminal messages and more to lay the groundwork for months of pleasure to cum. Enjoy every second of getting your brain rewired and your mind fried to a crisp under my strict control. Many, many more pleasures await you at my hands, and this file professionally primes you for them all. Just lie back, relax, take your peter in hand, and allow yourself to completely reconfigured into my leg-humping, cum-eating, pussy-thirsty savage. You already know instinctively that you will enjoy every second. Your existing Classical Conditioning tells you so.
Recorded in real, skull-tinging 3D sound so that I am LITERALLY IN. YOUR. HEAD.
Contains: trigger priming, subliminal messages, 3D audio, finger snaps, binaural beats

Mesmerize, Mind Fuck
#Mesmerize, #Mind Fuck

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Published Oct 6, 2017

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