The Straight Test

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Jan 2018

You are 100% confident in your heterosexuality: of course you are! You're as straight as the shortest distance between two points, and nothing can change that. Probably. There's no amount of lust-driven curiosity, brief moments of weakness, or aggressively hipn0tic mindfucking that's going to make you crave dick.
Even bottomless layering and endless chant loops, deep subliminal messages, and downright lethal triggers and anchors couldn't make you succumb to your latent desire for cock. No matter how sexy and reassuring my voice sounds or how beautifully I describe cock, you are probably strong enough not to be affected.
And when I make you realize how gross and undesirable pussy is when compared to a big, thick cock? Nevermind the fact that you're no longer lucid, and you're completely unable to defend your poor mind from my influence. You'll still awake from this trance 100 percent straight and absolutely not gay. Probably.
*Contains: subliminal messages, psychological re-framing, pacing and leading, classical conditioning
*File was custom for iWantClips user "ic****a.' Name NOT used in file.

Coerced Gay, Mesmerize
#Coerced Gay, #Mesmerize, #Mind Fuck, #Mindwash

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Published Jan 7, 2018

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