by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Apr 2019

Sometimes you want nasty, sloppy, filthy head. But you don’t have the option. All you can do is masturbate. So why not let me join you?
It’s incredible the kinds of tricks your mind can do while under my control. Let me lead you through a thorough, mind-scrambling induction full of fractionation, finger snaps, and leads and paces. Before you know it, I’ve talked you into a vivid scene where your cock is jammed down the throat of a beautiful, eager fuck toy. I control the sights and sounds, making them so vivid you could swear this chick is actually in the room with you, choking on your dick, her saliva running down your balls and your cock throbbing in the wet furnace of your throat.
This twisted fantasy ends with your knees buckling, cock bursting and you singing my praises while erupting in her throat. Don’t be surprised if your eyes start to water when she swallows around you, throat expanding and constricting around your too-sensitive dick.
Don’t overthink this. I blow your mind, she blows your cock, you blow your wad. Simple. And so much easier and more satisfying than trying to convince your wife to do it.

Blowjob Simulation, Mesmerize
#All Natural Fetish, #Blowjob, #Deep Throat, #Mesmerize

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Published Apr 10, 2019

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