To the Edge and Gone: Hands-Free Edging

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Sep 2018

Your solo attempts at edging have bordered on pathetic. Going it alone, touching your dick, trying desperately to resist climax and always failing. It’s time you learned what real edging was – deeply blissful, completely hands-free, and rendered helpless under my control. I begin with a mind whittling induction, reducing your consciousness to its most unencumbered form. Once I have your subconscious mind laid bare, I use NLP, guided imagery, and a brain-melting patter to send you spiraling even deeper. With your endlessly creative consciousness wide-open, I use simile eye fascination and salacious sounds to get you rock-hard, panting with lust and begging for chance to touch yourself. *Spoiler alert* You won’t get one. I’m just going to keep you under, in a haze, blissed out and broken as your horny lust sublimates into pure, spine-tingling bliss. The kind that makes you feel like you’re coming alive for the first time, completely given over to me, your cock, and all the endless pleasures we subject you to. An ecstasy beyond orgasm is what you have to gain when you edge long enough; but it’s hard for you to do that when your body and mind insist on cumming. By trancing you so deep that you’re essentially removed from the equation, I solve that problem handily. No rush, no spillage, just pure obedience and an apt reward for it. I will take you to the edge and gone, and you’ll thank me for not letting you leave. This 45-minute master file is a must-have for serious erotic mesmerization connoisseurs.
Contains: deep induction, layered vocals, stop mechanism, eye fascination, inferential suggestion, de-mesmerization, brief vocal effects

Edging Fetish, Mesmerize
#Edging, #Edging Games, #Mesmerize, #No Hands

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File Size: 41.25 MB
Published Sep 6, 2018

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