Toire no Hanako-San

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Oct 2017

Japan's legendary version of "Bl00dy Mary" is all grown up...and she's angry.
Hanako-San may be dead, but she still lives to subjugate, humiliate and intimidate any man foolish enough to summon her in a bathroom. Should you wander in and utter the words, "Anata wa, Hanako-San," don't be surprised if she shows up and strips you of your bladder control, forces you to become a public bathroom masturbator...or much MUCH worse.
As her playful yet sinister voice glitches and wobbles, you can practically see her lithe, sexy ghost-body flickering in and out of existence. The mantras of her many ghostly voices leave you confused, vulnerable and helpless but to do as she says.
Grab your dick and brace yourself for a frightfully good time. Beware of Hanako-San. Cum for Hanako-San.
*Contains: (very) glitchy vocals, suggestions, iroleplay, mantras, multi-tracked vocals, music

Gothic, Mesmerize
#Gothic, #Mesmerize

Media Type: mp3
File Size: 21.91 MB
Published Oct 26, 2017

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