Triggered in the Wild: Pantyhose and Pencil Skirt Fetish

by Goddess Athalia
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Length: 29:16

You simple, silly slave. You think I don't know, but I do. The way you salivate over the women you see in tight pencil skirts, smooth nylons, high heels and bright red lip stick. You don't hide it very well. But instead of trying to suppress this fetish, fetish of yours, I'm going to control it. Weaponize it. Use it to show you that even when I'm away from you, I'm still in control. From now on, not only will the sight of these adornments arouse you, but they will make you painfully, obviously, embarrassingly hard. You'll no longer enjoy the luxury of a secret fetish. Oh no. When I'm done with you, your boss, your priest, and everyone you know will see just how simple, horny and lustful you are. I can and will make you my bitch, slave. And I'll use your very own wardrobe fetish to do it.

Mesmerize, Pantyhose Fetish
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