Triple D - Deep Dick Drainage

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Dec 2018

"No semen left behind" is what I always say. You're cumming, but are you really CUMMING? Have you really been draining your balls, or have you just been skimming the surface? If your climaxes have been more reliving than ecstatic, more dribbling than gushing, then you will want to submit to this session right now.
An expertly-crafted deep breathing exercise segues into guided imagery. Visions and subconscious-friendly metaphors stimulate the deepest parts of your mind to produce a profoundly pleasurable – and profoundly juicy ejaculation.
The deeper the mind state, the deeper the orgasm, and you're going to submit to me to achieve both. I won't stop until your balls are raisin-dry and your head is swimming with lustful euphoria.
Wetter is always better, and this one's an absolute GUSHER.

Masturbation Encouragement, Mesmerize
#Cumshot, #Masturbation Encouragement, #Mesmerize

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Published Dec 22, 2018

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