Tripping and Dripping

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Sep 2017

A must-have piece for the true connoisseur of erotic hipn0sis. Mind-warping, slick-talking double speak that confuses and arouses you at the same time. I don't pause long enough for you to get a grip...all you know is that you NEED to get a grip on your dick. You lie there helpless as my quick and skillful tongue plunges you into a universe of cerebro-orgasmic BLISS.
Beg, slave. Beg and pant and plead for mercy before the last thread of your sanity SNAPS right along with your hips when your dick inevitably succumbs to my machinations. Tripping and dripping, dripping and fair play for your pussy mind here just overwhelming hipn0tic force.

Mesmerize, Mind Fuck
#Mesmerize, #Mind Fuck, #Mindwash

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Published Sep 24, 2017

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